PWDAN sets to inaugurates association on May 26

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The Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors Association of Nigeria (PWDAN) on Wednesday reiterated its commitment to foster and promote best practices in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Its Chairman, Ernest Okafor, made this known at a news conference organized to herald the inauguration of PWDAN holding on May 26 in Lagos.

Okafor said that various activities have been planned to inaugurate the association which was conceived years ago.

According to him, the growth of the wholesale and distribution sector of the pharmaceutical supply chain was hampered by poor infrastructure and these were evidence in power, water, transportation among others.

Okafor, also Managing Director, Nemitt Pharmaceuticals, said the association has developed a code of conduct for its members to adopt toward ensuring best practices in drug distribution.

“The history of pharmacy practice in Nigeria started majorly through the distribution and wholesaling which began in the pre-independence era and was operated by dispensers in what was called drug houses.

“It is a common knowledge that one greatest challenge in the practice of pharmacy since independence has been the dislodgement of a systematic drugs distribution.